Real Estate Blogging Update

It has been a crazy couple of week.  While I have been doing some writing, I have spent the bulk of my time working on purchasing my first apartment complex for Cooksquared Enterprises.  There will be a lot more writing to come, but in the mean time please check out the blogs below.

 Suite 101: I have been doing the most writing here.  Check out the following articles about subprime lending affects on banks and consumers, differences between residential and commercial loans, and ways banks are attempting to help consumers avoid default.


 Thanks for reading.


7 Responses to Real Estate Blogging Update

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  2. paul francis says:

    Hello Michael,

    I followed you over here from Bloodhound and Your wake up REALTORS post. Nice article – I like to learn from the perspectives of the consumer. Keep up the good work and keep posting about your experiences.

  3. Nice and interesting blog sir. As Paul is saying, I would also like to hear some perspectives of consumer… More power! =)

    Rei Success

  4. Alex Cain says:

    Wow. great blog. It really gives me insight to the world of investment real estate.

  5. If you ever decide you want yet one more place to blog, come check us out at and write there on a free blog! Just a thought… mentioned you are already writing for three other blogs, so maybe we will have to wait.. 🙂

  6. Landflip says:

    Sounds like you are a very busy writer. I read some of your pieces and I think you are a very knowledge person and have a lot of great information to share. Thanks

  7. Good luck with your purchase adn hurry back!

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