Summary of Articles from the Past Week

March 25, 2007

It was a busy week this week.  I turned out 5 new articles, with two at bloodhound and 3 at Suite101.  I tackled a few questions about subprime lending (a homeowners perspective), property taxes, and the art of the quick sale.  Over at bloodhound I showed people how to avoid the greater fool theory of market investing and talked about the key character trait of good investors, persistence.  If you get a chance, have a look.


Blog Carnivals Abound

March 22, 2007

Check out the following blog carnivals which feature articles from my other blogs

 These are great forums to get a wealth of information about real estate, mortgages, and finance in general.  Enjoy.

My Three Blogs

March 16, 2007

As much as I love blogging, I can only carry on three blogs at once.  In stead of posting duplicate content, I thought I would simply refer you to the other two.

 Bloodhound, a great site, which I am sure most of you are familar with.  Here, I am one in a cast of almost a score of other great writers.

 Suite101, a site that covers a variety of topics.  This blog has been my experiment into the world of home buying and selling for the consumer.  My post on bloodhound are more investor related, here, I try to give the first time home buyer some practical advice

 Thanks for taking the time to read me.